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Meet Laurie Holmond, an American social media influencer who gained recognition not only for her online presence but also for her past romantic relationship with the famous rapper, Snoop Dogg. Let’s delve into Laurie’s life, from her early years to her current endeavors, shedding light on her intriguing journey.

Laurie Holmond Early Life and Education:

Laurie was born on February 3, 1973, in Long Beach, California. Raised by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Holmond, Laurie spent her formative years under their guidance. While details about her family are scarce, rumors suggest her father owns a small business.

During her teenage years at Long Beach Polytechnic High School, Laurie explored her interests in acting, dancing, and drama. It was during her second year that she crossed paths with Snoop Dogg, marking a life-changing encounter. After graduating in 1991, Laurie’s subsequent endeavors remain shrouded in mystery.

Laurie Holmond Career:

Presently, Laurie doesn’t hold a traditional job but receives financial support from Snoop Dogg for herself and their son, Julian Corrie Broadus. Despite this, Laurie actively engages in philanthropy, focusing on youth empowerment and education. She volunteers at local schools, organizes fundraising events, and mentors young individuals aspiring to make a positive impact.

Laurie Holmond Social Media:

Laurie is active on Instagram (@laurieholmond), Twitter (@LaurieAkaLo), and Facebook (Laurie Holmond), where she shares glimpses of her life and advocacy work. Her online presence reflects her commitment to making a difference.

Laurie Holmond Personal Life:

Known for her private nature, Laurie’s romantic life remains mysterious. However, her private Instagram profile hints at a current romantic relationship. The elusive details add a layer of intrigue to Laurie’s life beyond her past with Snoop Dogg.

Julian Corrie Broadus:

Laurie and Snoop Dogg’s son, Julian, born on June 18, 1998, has carved his own path in Los Angeles. With a growing social media presence, Julian’s engaging content reflects his captivating personality, possibly hinting at promising prospects for the future.

Laurie Holmond Net Worth:

While Laurie’s net worth remains unknown, Snoop Dogg, with a net worth of approximately $150 million, has made a significant impact in music, film, and business ventures over three decades. Julian, inheriting a strong work ethic, may well follow in his parents’ footsteps towards financial success.


Q1: What is Laurie Holmond’s current occupation? A1: Laurie is a social media influencer and actively engages in philanthropic endeavors.

Q2: Is Laurie Holmond married to Snoop Dogg? A2: Yes, Laurie and Snoop Dogg share a romantic history and have a son together named Julian Corrie Broadus.

Q3: What is Snoop Dogg’s net worth? A3: Snoop Dogg’s net worth is estimated to be around $150 million, accumulated through his successful career in music, film, and various business ventures.

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