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In the dynamic world of business and entrepreneurship, some individuals prefer to operate quietly in the background, letting their achievements speak for themselves. Laura Shusterman, a renowned American-Ukrainian businesswoman, investor, and entrepreneur, falls into this category. While maintaining a low profile, her association with attorney Michael Cohen, who previously worked for President Donald Trump, has brought her into the spotlight.

 Laura Shusterman Early Life & Education

Born in Ukraine in 1970, Laura Shusterman’s journey to success began in a middle-class family deeply involved in the taxi industry. In 1975, her parents, Fima and Ania Shusterman, made the courageous decision to immigrate to the United States, bringing Laura along. Raised with a strong work ethic and witnessing her family’s determination in building a business empire, Laura developed the foundation for her future endeavors.

Limited information is available about her educational background, but given her success in the business world, it’s clear that she possesses a wealth of practical knowledge and experience.

 Laura Shusterman Personal Life

In 1995, Laura Shusterman embarked on a new chapter in her life by marrying Michael Cohen in a private ceremony. Both deeply involved in the taxi business, the couple not only managed their business ventures together but also navigated the challenges and successes of the industry hand in hand. Their union resulted in two children, Jake Cohen and Samantha Blake Cohen.

Jake, currently a student, and Samantha, pursuing a career as a model and socialite, stood steadfastly by their father during Michael Cohen’s legal troubles, defending him against various controversies.

 Laura Shusterman Career

Laura Shusterman’s career has been centered around business and investments. Collaborating with her husband, Michael Cohen, she played a pivotal role in managing their taxi business and co-owned property in the prestigious Trump Tower on United Nations Plaza. Their combined expertise allowed them to accumulate wealth and establish themselves as successful entrepreneurs.

While specific details about her career endeavors remain limited, Shusterman’s impact in the business world is undeniable, reflecting strategic choices that have proven consistently profitable.

 Laura Shusterman Net Worth

Laura Shusterman has amassed a net worth of approximately $3 million. This financial success is attributed to her involvement in the taxi business, strategic investments, and other ventures. As a shrewd businesswoman, her ability to make sound decisions has undoubtedly contributed to her financial standing.

 Laura Shusterman Social Media Presence

Maintaining a private persona, Laura Shusterman does not have active profiles on popular social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter. This deliberate choice aligns with her preference for a low-key lifestyle.


Q: What is Laura Shusterman’s net worth?

A: Laura Shusterman’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million, a result of her success in the taxi business, strategic investments, and other ventures.

Q: Is Laura Shusterman active on social media?

A: No, Laura Shusterman maintains a private lifestyle and does not have active profiles on social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter.

Q: What is known about Laura Shusterman’s early life?

A: Laura Shusterman was born in Ukraine in 1970 and immigrated to the United States with her parents in 1975. Raised in a middle-class family deeply involved in the taxi industry, she witnessed the hard work and determination that laid the foundation for her future success.

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