LASU Indigeneship Verification: Everything You Need To Know

Are you a Lagos State indigene with aspirations of joining the prestigious Lagos State University (LASU)? The Lagos State Indigene Verification Exercise (IIVE) is your pathway to realizing those dreams. To guide you through this crucial process, we’ve compiled a comprehensive overview of the eligibility requirements and application steps. Let’s embark on this journey together.

Eligibility Requirements:

Lagos State Indigene:

First and foremost, applicants must provide proof of their Lagos State indigeneship. This is a fundamental requirement to participate in the LASU IIVE.

UTME Score:

A minimum UTME score of 195 is a key criterion for eligibility. Ensure you’ve achieved this benchmark to enhance your chances of successfully navigating the LASU IIVE.

Choice of LASU:

During your UTME registration, make LASU your first choice. This simple step is crucial for aligning yourself with the LASU IIVE process.

Application Process:

Step 1: Visit the Official LASU Website

Begin your journey by visiting the official LASU website at

Step 2: Navigate to the “Admission” Tab

On the website, locate the “Admission” tab, where you’ll find the link to the “Indigeneship Verification Exercise.”

Step 3: Complete the Online Application Form

Fill out the online application form with accurate and up-to-date information. This is your opportunity to present yourself as an eligible and deserving candidate.

Step 4: Payment of Application Fee

A non-refundable application fee of N2,000 is required. Utilize the provided payment channels to complete this step and secure your spot in the LASU IIVE.

Step 5: Upload O’level Certificates

As part of the verification process, scan and upload copies of your O’level certificates. Ensure these documents are clear and accurately represent your academic qualifications.

Step 6: Submit the Completed Application Form

Once you’ve filled in all the necessary details and completed the required steps, submit your application form. This is the final step in the application process.


Successfully navigating the LASU IIVE is a pivotal moment for Lagos State indigenes aspiring to join the esteemed Lagos State University. By meeting the specified eligibility requirements and following the outlined application process, you significantly increase your chances of securing admission to LASU.

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