LASU Cut Off Mark For Nursing 2023

Are you aspiring to join the noble profession of nursing? Look no further than the prestigious Lagos State University (LASU), where the pursuit of excellence meets a commitment to compassionate healthcare. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the essential information about LASU’s nursing program, from admission requirements to the promising career prospects that await graduates.

Admission Requirements: Achieving the Cut-Off Mark

LASU sets a high standard for its nursing program, requiring aspiring students to score a minimum of 290 in their JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board) examination. This ensures that those admitted possess the academic aptitude and dedication necessary for success in the field of nursing.

The Essence of Nursing

Nursing is a profession rooted in compassion and dedicated to caring for individuals facing illness, injury, or other health challenges. LASU’s nursing program prepares students for this vital role by providing comprehensive education and practical training. Graduates emerge not only as skilled healthcare professionals but also as empathetic caregivers.

Why LASU for Nursing?

Choosing LASU for your nursing education comes with a host of advantages. The university is renowned for its academic excellence and offers a diverse range of nursing courses. LASU’s experienced nursing faculty is committed to both teaching and research, ensuring that students receive top-notch education that aligns with industry standards.

Application Process: Your First Step Towards a Nursing Career

To embark on your nursing journey at LASU, follow a straightforward application process. Begin by registering for the JAMB examination, and once you receive your results, proceed to apply online. LASU’s commitment to accessibility is reflected in a streamlined application process designed to welcome qualified candidates into the world of nursing.

Career Prospects: Beyond Graduation

Graduating from LASU’s nursing program opens doors to a multitude of career opportunities. Nursing alumni can choose to work in hospitals, clinics, schools, nursing homes, government agencies, or even private businesses. The versatility of a nursing degree from LASU empowers graduates to make a meaningful impact in various healthcare settings.


LASU’s nursing program stands as a beacon for those aspiring to make a difference in healthcare. With a rigorous curriculum, dedicated faculty, and a commitment to excellence, LASU prepares nursing students for a fulfilling and impactful career. Seize the opportunity to join the ranks of compassionate healthcare professionals by taking the first step towards your nursing career at LASU. Your journey towards becoming a skilled and empathetic nurse starts here.

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