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Karthik Shankar, also known as Kaarthik Shankar, is a versatile Indian filmmaker who has made a significant mark in the film industry. Born on July 11, 1990, in the culturally rich state of Kerala, India, Karthik’s journey from a small-town boy to a renowned short film director, producer, writer, editor, and actor is nothing short of inspiring.

Karthik Shankar’s Early Life & Education:

Growing up in Kerala exposed Karthik to the vibrant culture and artistic traditions of the region, igniting his passion for storytelling and filmmaking. Pursuing his love for the craft, Karthik earned a baccalaureate degree in arts from NSS College in Kerala, laying the foundation for his future success in the film industry.

Karthik Shankar’s Personal Life:

At 34 years old, Karthik is happily married to Samyukta Sam, a former model turned actress, known for her roles in films like “Oolu,” “Tughlaq Durbar,” and others. The couple has a son named Rayan, adding joy to their family life.

Karthik Shankar’s Career:

Karthik Shankar’s career kicked off as a short film director, where his innovative storytelling and unique visual style garnered attention. Notable works such as “6th Friday” and the Indian Malayalam-language YouTube series “Mom and Son” showcased his talent and dedication. His proficiency in writing, producing, and editing allowed him to contribute to various projects, highlighting his versatility in the industry.

Karthik Shankar’s Net Worth:

With an illustrious career, Karthik Shankar has accumulated a net worth estimated at $1 million. His hard work and dedication have been instrumental in achieving financial success.

Karthik Shankar’s Social Media:

Stay updated with Karthik’s journey by following him on Instagram: @kaarthik_shankar.

Karthik Shankar’s Filmography:

Explore Karthik’s creative brilliance through his notable works:

  1. “6th Friday”
  2. “Mom and Son”

FAQs about Karthik Shankar:

Q: When was Karthik Shankar born? A: Karthik Shankar was born on July 11, 1990.

Q: What is Karthik Shankar’s net worth? A: Karthik Shankar’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

Q: Who is Karthik Shankar married to? A: Karthik Shankar is married to actress Samyukta Sam, and they have a son named Rayan.

Q: What are Karthik Shankar’s notable works? A: Karthik Shankar’s notable works include the films “6th Friday” and “Mom and Son,” an Indian Malayalam-language YouTube series.

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