Intelligent 18-year-old boy becomes first African-American best student of US school, wins $1 million scholarship to become a mechanical engineer

18-year-old Rawlin Tate Jr of Woodland High School

An exceptional 18-year-old boy named Rawlin Tate Jr has emerged as the first-ever African-American boy to be named best graduating student of Woodland High School in Stockbridge, United States.

Rawlin Tate Jr. clinched the school’s prestigious award after attaining an outstanding 4.7GPA, making him the person with the highest academic title it opened in 2007.

The brilliant boy says he does not think much about the title. He Father who is proud of his son says he sees it as a benchmark for other males in the United States and not only at Woodland High School.

“The title, I don’t think about it that much. I know it’s significant, but I’ve just been doing what I’ve been doing [throughout] my schooling,” Rawlin Tate Jr. told GMA.

Aside from being exceptional in his academics, Rawlin Tate Jr. was successful in other extra-curricular activities too. Woodland High School principal, Shannon Ellis, explained that he is an outstanding pianist and a self-taught percussionist.

“He is brilliant, talented, a musical genius and is one of the most well-rounded students that I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with,” Ellis said.

Rawlin Tate Jr. was accepted to 14 different universities across the United States including Louisiana State University, Morehouse College, Ohio State University, Georgia Institute of Technology and more.

He was also awarded over $1 million in scholarships to pursue his dream of becoming a Mechanical Engineer. His mother, Marion Tate, expressed that she is proud of her son’s achievements.

“I’m glad that he is able to be an example to others. We’re just proud of him and glad that he is in this position. He has worked very hard and is very deserving of it, Marion said.

Rawlin Tate Jr. offered some advise to upcoming scholars, he said; “Do your work on time: Even if you participate in extracurricular activities, get your homework done immediately so you are not tempted to procrastinate.”

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help: Talk with your teachers and sign up for tutoring, Stay focused: Keep your eye on the prize and thank God — keep him first,” he added.

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