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In the vibrant city of Lagos, Nigeria, on July 29, 1975, a musical genius was born — Olumide Ogunade, popularly known as ID Cabasa. Renowned as a singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and record producer, ID Cabasa has left an indelible mark on the Nigerian music industry. This blog post delves into his fascinating journey, from his early life and education to his impactful career and personal life.

ID Cabasa Early Life & Education:

ID Cabasa’s musical journey began in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, where he exhibited a passion for music from a young age. While details about his parents are scarce, we respectfully refer to them as Mr. and Mrs. Ogunade. ID Cabasa embarked on his educational journey at Lagos State University, where he pursued a degree in Economics. Building on this foundation, he continued his studies with a Master’s in Management Economics at the prestigious University of Lagos.

ID Cabasa Career Breakthrough:

As a child, ID Cabasa immersed himself in music, exploring instruments and engaging with the local music scene. His breakthrough came in the early 2000s when he collaborated with emerging talent 9ice, creating hit songs like “Gongo Aso” and “Certificate.” This success catapulted him into high demand, working with artists such as Lord of Ajasa, 2Phat, and Seriki.

Founding Coded Tunes:

In 2007, ID Cabasa founded Coded Tunes, a record label that became a nurturing ground for emerging talents. The label played a pivotal role in the success stories of artists like Olamide, Reminisce, and Banky W. His mentorship and production skills significantly shaped their careers, solidifying his influence in the Nigerian music scene.

ID Cabasa Personal Life:

Despite his public persona, ID Cabasa maintains a private personal life. He is happily married to Sijuade Ogunade, and together they have a daughter named Kanyinsola Ogunade. Throughout his career, his wife has been a pillar of support, providing strength and encouragement in his musical endeavors.

Addressing Social Issues:

Beyond music, ID Cabasa is a voice for societal issues. On November 15, 2023, he highlighted the concerning prevalence of depression and drug addiction among Nigeria’s youth. This revelation underscores the urgent need for awareness and action to address mental health and substance abuse issues.

Discography and Net Worth:

ID Cabasa’s discography includes notable tracks like “Totori” and “You Make Me Cry.” With a remarkable net worth of $300,000, his success is a testament to his talent and creativity in the music industry.

ID Cabasa Social Media Presence:

To stay connected with his fans, ID Cabasa can be found on Instagram (@idcabasa), Twitter (@Real_Idcabasa), and Facebook (ID Cabasa).


ID Cabasa’s journey from a music-loving child in Ogun State to a celebrated figure in Nigeria’s music industry is inspiring. His contributions as a producer, mentor, and advocate for societal issues make him a multifaceted force. As he continues to shape the musical landscape, ID Cabasa stands as a testament to the power of talent, dedication, and a discerning eye for emerging artists.


  1. What is ID Cabasa’s real name?

    • ID Cabasa’s real name is Olumide Ogunade.
  2. When did ID Cabasa found Coded Tunes?

    • ID Cabasa founded Coded Tunes in 2007 as a platform to support emerging talents in the Nigerian music industry.
  3. What are some of ID Cabasa’s notable collaborations?

    • ID Cabasa collaborated with 9ice, resulting in hit songs like “Gongo Aso” and “Certificate.” He also worked with artists such as Olamide, Reminisce, and Banky W through Coded Tunes.
  4. What social issues has ID Cabasa addressed?

    • On November 15, 2023, ID Cabasa brought attention to the rising issues of depression and drug addiction among the Nigerian youth, emphasizing the need for awareness and action.

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