How will the temporary US H1B visa suspension affect Indian students and employees?

In recent developments, President Donald Trump has temporarily canceled the H1B visa system, initiating a shift towards a merit-based immigration approach. The suspension, expected to last until the year-end, comes with significant implications for Indian students and employees aspiring to work in the USA.

Temporary Suspension of H1B Visa:

The H1B visa system, with a current annual cap of 85,000, is undergoing a transformation. The traditional lottery system is set to be replaced by a salary ranking selection process, favoring the top 85,000 salary offers. Additionally, President Trump has called for a revamp of the wage calculation system, aiming to set the wage floor at the 50th percentile to prioritize higher-skilled workers.

Who Will Be Affected:

  1. Prospective Immigrants: Individuals planning to move to the USA on H1B, H2B, or L visas.
  2. Pending H1B Visa Holders: Those with H1B visas pending, especially if not currently present in the USA.
  3. Indian Company Employees: Professionals from Indian companies scheduled to go on-site in the USA.
  4. IT Companies Dependent on On-site Employees: Companies relying on sending employees to client locations in the USA.

Who Will Not Be Affected:

  1. Current H1B Holders: Individuals already in the USA with valid H1B visas.
  2. Students: Those planning to move to the USA for education, including F1 visa holders.
  3. OPT Participants: Students working on Optional Practical Training (OPT).

Impact on Students:

For students looking to study in the USA, the temporary suspension of H1B visas may not be a cause for concern. The decision seems to have no bearing on students, particularly those on F1 visas or engaged in OPT. With the suspension expected to be temporary, upcoming batches should face no hurdles, and the possibility of changes or withdrawal by the year-end remains high.

Opportunities for Students Seeking Jobs:

The suspension of H1B visas might actually benefit Indian students seeking employment after completing their post-graduation. As there will be a temporary halt on new H1B candidates from outside the USA, students transitioning to OPT could find themselves in higher demand. This presents a unique advantage for students in Optional Practical Training, offering a valuable one-year work period to gain practical experience in the USA.


While the temporary suspension of H1B visas introduces uncertainties for certain categories, it opens up opportunities for students on OPT. The evolving landscape encourages students to focus on acquiring high skills and securing competitive salaries, aligning with the USA’s shift towards prioritizing the highest-skilled workforce. As the situation unfolds, staying informed and adapting to these changes will be crucial for individuals navigating the dynamic visa landscape.

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