Exceptional 17-year-old boy graduates with 3 degrees at the same time – AI, Computer Science and Mathematics

17-year-old Tristan Andrade graduates with 3 degrees at the same time

An exceptional 17-year-old boy named Tristan Andrade has earned graduates with 3 degrees including degrees in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science and Mathematics all at the same time.

According to GMA, Tristan Andrade started taking online college courses when he was in the sixth grade.

By the time he got to the 8th grade, he joined the concurrent enrollment program offered by Estrella Mountain Community College in Arizona, which let him take college classes both online and in person while he finished his home-school high school curriculum.

Tristan described his experience as time-saving. “It would save me years of time and money and really helped me pursue my interests faster,” he told GMA.

The president of Estrella Mountain Community College, Rey Rivera expressed that Tristan’s achievement is very rare.

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“We’re extremely proud of Tristan. I’ve heard of cases where students have certainly completed an associate’s degree while in high school. It’s just the number — having three associate’s — that’s not really common,” he said.

Tristan earned three Associate degrees in artificial intelligence, computer science and mathematics.

“AI is definitely my favorite because it’s my passion and it’s the field that I hope to go into,” Tristan speaks about his degrees.

“It feels amazing. I’ve been working up to this moment my whole life and it just means a lot to me because it marks the beginning of a new chapter of my journey,” he added.

Tristan is headed to Arizona State University, where he hopes to major in artificial intelligence and computer science and get his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in an accelerated 4 + 1 program.

He advised younger ones looking to achieve similar feats to take high school and college courses concurrently to get a head start and save on time and money.

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