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In the dynamic world of rap and hip-hop, one artist from Toronto, Ontario, has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. DijahSB, born Kahdijah Payne, has captivated audiences with their unique style, powerful delivery, and rhythmic lyrics. From their debut album to the latest releases, DijahSB continues to push boundaries, earning critical acclaim and amassing a dedicated fan base.

DijahSB Early Life & Education:

Born and raised in the vibrant city of Toronto, DijahSB’s musical journey started in their formative years. Surrounded by a supportive family, they discovered their passion for music, immersing themselves in the diverse music scene of the city. The culturally rich environment undoubtedly influenced their artistic expression, shaping the distinctive sound that sets them apart.

DijahSB Personal Life:

While DijahSB prefers to keep their personal life private, it is known that they identify as non-binary. Their focus remains on their music career and connecting with fans through their artistry.

DijahSB Career Beginnings:

DijahSB began their professional music journey in 2011, initially releasing music under the name Kzaraw. Recognition came as part of the rap group Class of 93, alongside producer Jermaine “Astro Mega” Clarke. Together, they showcased their talent and unique style, laying a solid foundation in the music industry.

Notable Releases:

In 2016, DijahSB released the EP titled “Manic Luxury,” a milestone that garnered positive reviews and solidified their rising-star status. The highly anticipated debut album, “2020 The Album,” released in 2020, showcased their growth as artists and led to a distribution deal with AWAL. The second album, “Head Above the Waters” (2021), further demonstrated their versatility and evolution as an artist, earning critical acclaim.

Collaborations and Impact:

DijahSB’s collaborations with artists such as Janette King and niLL highlight their ability to create captivating and impactful music. Addressing personal experiences and societal issues through honest and relatable lyrics, they have become a voice in the industry.

DijahSB’s Net Worth:

With an estimated net worth of $3 million, DijahSB’s talent and success have translated into financial prosperity. Their dedication to their craft and ability to connect with audiences have solidified their place as a respected and sought-after artist.

DijahSB’s  Social Media Presence:

Stay updated on DijahSB’s journey by following them on Instagram (@dijahsb) and Twitter (@dijahsb).


Explore DijahSB’s discography, including studio albums like “2020 The Album” and “Head Above the Waters,” as well as EPs like “Manic Luxury” and “Blue.” Their diverse range of releases, from “Girls Give Me Anxiety” to “Tasty Raps Vol. 2,” showcases the artist’s growth and creativity.


When did DijahSB start their music career?

A: DijahSB began their professional music journey in 2011, initially releasing music under the name Kzaraw.

Q: What is DijahSB’s latest album?

A: DijahSB’s latest album is “Head Above the Waters,” released in 2021.

Q: What is DijahSB’s net worth?

A: DijahSB’s estimated net worth is $3 million.

Q: How can I connect with DijahSB on social media? A: Follow DijahSB on Instagram (@dijahsb) and Twitter (@dijahsb) for the latest updates on their music and career.

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