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Dharminder Mann, widely known as Dhar Mann, is a prominent American figure in the realms of entrepreneurship, film production, and YouTube content creation. Born on May 29, 1984, in the United States, Mann’s story is one of resilience, determination, and the pursuit of meaningful content.

Dhar Mann’s  Early Life & Education

Growing up in a modest one-bedroom apartment in the Bay Area, Dhar Mann shared his space with three other families. His parents, Surinder Mann and Baljit Singh Mann, emigrated from India to the United States, establishing themselves as entrepreneurs with businesses like Friendly Cab, a taxi operator based in Oakland, California, and several local real estate companies managing over 130 properties.

Despite the financial support from his parents, Mann’s upbringing was marked by a lack of quality time due to their focus on managing their businesses. This experience fueled Mann’s drive for entrepreneurship and a determination to carve his own path in life.

Dhar Mann’s Personal Life

In 2015, Mann entered into a romantic relationship with Laura Avila. Together, they manage LiveGlam, a cosmetics company founded by Mann in the same year. The couple, now with two children, resides in Calabasas, California, in a mansion previously owned by media personality Khloé Kardashian.

Dhar Mann’s Career

Mann’s entrepreneurial journey commenced at a young age with the establishment of his real estate company. Over the years, he explored various business ventures, from luxury car rental services to mortgage refinancing. In 2010, he co-founded weGrow, a store specializing in hydroponics equipment for growing medical marijuana. However, legal issues led to its closure in 2012.

In 2013, Mann faced legal challenges related to his real estate company, MannEdge Properties, resulting in a conviction for defrauding the city of Oakland, California. Despite setbacks, Mann’s determination prevailed. The conviction, he notes, was later expunged.

Undeterred, Mann founded Dhar Mann Studios in 2018, a video production company aimed at creating engaging short films. Initially focused on motivational content, Mann transitioned to producing morality plays addressing contemporary issues such as police-calling incidents and COVID-19 hoarding. His videos, widely shared on social media platforms, especially YouTube, have amassed millions of views, becoming known for their feel-good nature and messages of kindness and empathy.

Dhar Mann’s  Net Worth

Dhar Mann’s career has seen substantial success, with his net worth estimated at around $3 million.

Dhar Mann’s  Social Media Presence

Dhar Mann maintains an active presence on social media platforms:


Q: What led to the closure of weGrow?

A: Legal troubles surrounding weGrow, particularly related to the sale of hydroponics equipment for medical marijuana, led to its closure in 2012.

Q: What legal issues did Dhar Mann face in 2013?

A: Dhar Mann faced legal challenges and was convicted of defrauding the city of Oakland, California, through his real estate company, MannEdge Properties. The conviction was later expunged.

Q: What is the focus of Dhar Mann’s videos?

A: Dhar Mann’s videos cover a range of topics, transitioning from motivational content to morality plays addressing relevant issues, known for their messages of kindness and empathy.


Dhar Mann’s journey reflects the triumph of determination and resilience. From facing legal challenges to building a successful video production company, Mann continues to inspire through his engaging content, spreading messages of positivity and understanding. As he and Laura Avila navigate both personal and professional ventures, Mann’s impact on the entrepreneurial and online content creation spheres remains profound.

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