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In the pulsating realm of electronic music, one name has emerged as a beacon of innovation and genre-blending prowess – Sage DeVault, better known as eVault. Hailing from the sun-soaked landscapes of Orange County, California, this enigmatic producer and electronic artist have carved a niche for himself, seamlessly weaving together diverse dance styles and influences into a sonic tapestry that captivates audiences worldwide.

Discovering the Maestro: Early Life & Education

Born into a musically inclined family, DeVault’s journey into the realm of music was destined from the start. Growing up in Orange County provided him with a rich tapestry of musical genres and influences. Supported by encouraging parents who nurtured his creativity, DeVault began experimenting with music production during his teenage years, laying the foundation for his future sonic explorations.

Behind the Mask: Personal Life

Despite the limelight, Sage DeVault remains a private figure when it comes to his personal life. As of 2023, details regarding his romantic relationships or familial ties remain undisclosed, with DeVault dedicating his focus primarily to his musical endeavors.

Harmonizing Breakthroughs: Career Milestones

DeVault’s musical journey gained momentum in 2016, marked by the release of original tracks, collaborations, and remixes. Breakthroughs such as “Right with You” and “Nothing New” propelled him into the spotlight, accumulating millions of streams. The latter, featuring renowned drummer Joe Zizzo, hinted at DeVault’s ability to seamlessly blend electronic beats with live instrumentation.

Collaborations with artists like StéLouse and Team Ezy showcased his versatility, while tracks like “Don’t You Want To” featuring Ayelle demonstrated his adeptness in working with diverse vocalists. Remixes of chart-topping hits by Rihanna, Lorde, and Billie Eilish further solidified his reputation as a formidable producer.

Electrifying the Stage: Tours and Recognition

In late 2017, DeVault embarked on a tour with the esteemed Zeds Dead, expanding his fan base and reaching new horizons. His remix of DJ Snake’s “A Different Way” marked a zenith in his career, becoming one of his most iconic tracks and firmly establishing his position in the electronic music pantheon.

Musical Chronicles: EPs and Record Labels

Transitioning into 2018, DeVault released “Leave Me Now” on Deadbeats before signing with Geffen Records, a pivotal move that led to the release of his debut EP titled “Stay.” Featuring collaborations with artists like Njomza and Bipolar Sunshine, the EP showcased DeVault’s ability to craft atmospheric and emotive tracks, further elevating his standing in the industry.

Counting the Beats: Net Worth

As of now, DeVault’s net worth stands at an impressive $2 million, a testament to his successful music career, formidable streaming numbers, and electrifying live performances.

Connecting in the Digital Realm: Social Media Presence

For those looking to delve deeper into the sonic universe of eVault, Sage DeVault maintains a vibrant presence on social media platforms:

Sonic Odyssey: Discography

Explore the sonic landscapes of eVault through his discography:

  • “Nothing New”
  • “Don’t You Want To”
  • “Stay”
  • “Jade”


Q: Is there any information on Sage DeVault’s personal life?

A: As of 2023, details about DeVault’s personal life, including romantic relationships or familial connections, remain undisclosed. His focus has predominantly been on his music career.

Q: What contributed to DeVault’s breakthrough in the music industry?

A: Tracks like “Right with You” and “Nothing New,” along with collaborations and remixes, propelled DeVault into the spotlight, accumulating millions of streams and garnering significant attention.

Q: How did DeVault establish his presence in the electronic music scene?

A: In 2017, DeVault embarked on a tour with Zeds Dead and released a remix of DJ Snake’s “A Different Way,” solidifying his position in the electronic music scene.

Q: What is eVault’s net worth?

A: As of now, Sage DeVault’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million, reflecting his successful music career, streaming numbers, and live performances.

Embark on a musical journey with eVault, where beats transcend boundaries and electronic landscapes come alive. Sage DeVault’s artistry continues to shape the future of electronic music, inviting listeners to join the sonic expedition.

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