Determined single mum graduates with first-class after hawking puff-puff to fund education

Determined single mum graduates with first-class after hawking puff-puff to fund education

A resolute Ghanaian lady, Priscilla Akwagu, has graduated with a first-class degree in Education from the University of Education, Winneba (UEW).

Priscilla, a single mum of two, accomplished the academic feat despite the considerable financial burden she had to deal with.

To fund her degree, Priscilla had to hawk “bofrot”, the Ghanaian equivalent of puff-puff.

She had to combine studies with hawking and the task of motherhood.

In an interview with Joyonline, Priscilla revealed that she actually started out selling sugarcane.

“I lived with my brother in Kumasi. My mum was somewhere. So I started hawking in Kumasi. I used to sell sugarcane and worked at a chop bar. Sometimes, the leftover is what my brother and I take for support. I used to wash the utensils and do the cleaning at the chop bar,” she said.

“My mum used to sell the ‘bofrot’ and she had debts to settle. So, I thought it was wise to come and take over from her and clear the debts. The business was lucrative and that helped me settle her debts,” she added.

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Speaking on her struggle with school and her business, she said, “My campus was very far from here. It was in the Central Region, Ajumako. A colleague of mine takes over the business when I am not around. I come back home twice to sell.

“If I am to return to campus, I will sell and join the night bus. I’ll be tired when I get to school so I don’t even go for class for about two weeks until I gain strength.”

Priscilla has since returned to her business after completing her compulsory one-year national service.

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