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In the dynamic world of sports and social media, certain individuals captivate our attention not only for their talents but also for their intriguing personal lives. Crymson Rose, a 24-year-old American Basketball Player, Student, and Social Media Personality, has emerged as one such figure, gaining widespread recognition for her association with Dallas Cowboys’ wide receiver, CeeDee Lamb. In this blog post, we delve into the fascinating facets of Crymson’s life, from her early years to her budding career and high-profile relationships.

Crymson Rose Early Life & Education:

Born on March 30, 1999, in Florida, Crymson Rose’s journey took a tragic turn at the age of six when her father, Michael Rose, a former football player at the University of Oklahoma, passed away in a motorcycle accident. Raised by her mother, Lori Love, in Norman, Oklahoma, Crymson displayed a passion for sports early on, actively participating in basketball during her high school years at Norman North High School. Following her high school education, Crymson continued her academic journey at the University of Oklahoma, where she is currently a student.

Crymson Rose Personal Life:

In high school, Crymson was romantically involved with Trae Young, an American professional basketball player for the Atlanta Hawks. Their high school sweetheart story reached its conclusion, but it marked the beginning of Crymson’s journey into the limelight. Presently, Crymson Rose is dating CeeDee Lamb, creating buzz not only for their relationship but also for their adorable moments, particularly during the draft day announcement of Lamb’s selection by the Dallas Cowboys.

Crymson Rose Career:

Beyond her association with CeeDee Lamb, Crymson Rose has made a name for herself in the world of sports through her basketball career. Her high school years were marked by active participation in basketball, showcasing her skills on the court. While details about her basketball career beyond high school are scarce, Crymson’s prowess on the court is evident.

Crymson Rose Net Worth:

With an estimated net worth of around $700k, Crymson Rose has carved her financial niche. While the specific sources of her income are not explicitly outlined, it is speculated to stem from modeling, brand endorsements, and advertisements, given her significant social media presence.

Crymson Rose Social Media:

Crymson Rose is not just an athlete but also a social media personality, with a considerable following on Instagram (@crymsonrose) and Twitter (@crymson_rose). Her online presence has undoubtedly contributed to her popularity and financial success.


Q1: Who is Crymson Rose dating?

A1: Crymson Rose is currently in a relationship with CeeDee Lamb, a talented wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL.

Q2: What is Crymson Rose’s net worth?

A2: Crymson Rose has an estimated net worth of around $700k.

Q3: What is Crymson Rose’s background in sports?

A3: Crymson Rose actively participated in basketball during her high school years and has continued her academic journey while maintaining a presence in the world of sports.


Crymson Rose’s journey from a basketball enthusiast to a prominent figure in the sports and social media spheres is both inspiring and captivating. As she continues to navigate her multifaceted life, fans and followers eagerly anticipate the next chapters in the story of Crymson Rose.

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