Crawford University School Fees For Business Administration

Embarking on a journey towards higher education often comes with its own set of considerations, and one of the key aspects is understanding the financial investment required. For prospective students eyeing Crawford University’s Business Administration program, let’s break down the anticipated costs and shed light on the various aspects of the financial commitment.

Tuition and Accommodation:

Crawford University strives to provide a conducive learning environment for its students, and the school fees for the Business Administration program are structured as follows:

  1. Tuition: N350,000
  2. Accommodation: N150,000
  3. Meals: N100,000
  4. Other Expenses: N50,000

Total: N650,000


The university offers on-campus housing tailored for Business Administration students, with options ranging from single rooms to doubles and even suites. The cost of accommodation varies based on the room type and the student’s level of study.


Crawford University ensures that students have access to quality meals through on-campus dining facilities. The dining experience provides flexibility, allowing students to choose between cafeteria dining and meal deliveries to their dorm rooms. The cost of meals is influenced by the type of meal and the student’s level of study.

Other Expenses:

In addition to the basic fees, students should consider potential additional expenses like textbooks, laboratory fees, and medical insurance. The specific costs of these items will depend on the chosen program of study.

Financial Support:

Crawford University recognizes the financial commitment students undertake to pursue higher education. To assist those in need, the university provides financial aid options. These opportunities aim to ease the burden on students and ensure that everyone has access to quality education.


Choosing to pursue Business Administration at Crawford University not only promises a comprehensive educational experience but also offers a transparent breakdown of associated costs. With reasonably priced tuition and accommodation, coupled with various dining options, the university strives to make quality education accessible. Aspiring business leaders can confidently embark on their academic journey at Crawford University, knowing that financial aid options are available for those who require assistance.

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