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Meet Cisca Wauman, a Belgian woman widely recognized as the devoted mother of Formula One sensation, Lando Norris. Let’s delve into the life of this caring matriarch who stands by her son’s racing career and her impressive family alongside her husband, Adam Norris.

Cisca Wauman, a Belgian native from Flanders, was born in a middle-class family. She is not just a supportive mother but also the wife of Adam Norris, a retired pension fund manager and entrepreneur. The couple shares a strong relationship and has been married since 1991. They are proud parents to four children – Oli, Flo, Lando, and Cisca. Living in Glastonbury, Somerset, they lead a lavish life with multiple properties across Monaco, Switzerland, and Belgium.

Cisca Wauman’s Early Life & Education:

Cisca’s journey started in Flanders, Belgium, where she attended a local school. She is fluent in Dutch, French, and English. Fate intervened during her time at the University of Bristol when she met and fell in love with Adam Norris. Their love story led them to Bristol, where they laid the foundation for their family.

Cisca Wauman’s Personal Life:

With a relationship spanning over 30 years, Cisca and Adam reside in a luxurious mansion in Glastonbury with their children and pets. Beyond being a supportive wife, Cisca is a proud mother who attends her son’s events and cheers him on. The couple is also involved in various social and business events, showcasing a stable and thriving family life.

Cisca Wauman’s Career:

Cisca’s primary role is that of a full-time mother and homemaker. She manages the household, staff, and finances with dedication. Additionally, she engages in charitable activities, particularly focusing on children’s education and health causes. Respected for her kindness and generosity, Cisca is an admired member of society.

Cisca Wauman’s Net Worth:

Estimating her net worth at around $5 million, Cisca Wauman’s financial standing is undoubtedly influenced by her marriage to Adam Norris, one of the UK’s wealthiest individuals. Her involvement in philanthropy and society adds to her esteemed reputation.


  1. Q: How long have Cisca and Adam been married?
    • A: Cisca Wauman and Adam Norris tied the knot in 1991, celebrating over three decades of marriage.
  2. Q: How many children do they have?
    • A: The couple has four children – Oli, Flo, Lando, and Cisca.
  3. Q: What languages does Cisca speak?
    • A: Cisca is fluent in Dutch, French, and English.
  4. Q: What is Cisca’s primary role?
    • A: Cisca is a full-time mother and homemaker, dedicating herself to managing the household and family.


Cisca Wauman’s life reflects a harmonious blend of family, support, and philanthropy. As the backbone behind Lando Norris, she stands tall in her roles as a loving mother, supportive wife, and an engaged member of society.

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