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Chase Sui Wonders, the 27-year-old American actress, has captivated audiences with her innate talent and magnetic personality. Emerging into the entertainment scene, she brings not only her acting prowess but also a touch of glamour from her familial connection to the renowned fashion designer Anna Sui.

Chase Sui Wonders Early Life & Education:

Born on May 21, 1996, in Michigan, United States, Chase was raised in the suburbs of Detroit within a traditional Chinese family. Her parents, Robert Sui and Jeannie Wonders, created a nurturing environment that fueled her dreams. Growing up with her sister, Jeannie Sui Wonders, and two brothers, Grant Sui and Clark Sui, Chase also has two half-siblings, Grace Sui, and Chance Sui, from her father’s second marriage. The family instilled in Chase the values of hard work, determination, and a strong cultural heritage.

Chase’s educational journey led her to the Orange County School for high school, with later enrollment at Harvard University to pursue film studies and production, inspired by her aunt, Anna Sui.

Chase Sui Wonders Personal Life:

Chase’s personal life has recently been in the limelight due to her romantic involvement with actor Pete Davidson. Their relationship, which became public in January 2023, blossomed on the set of the movie “Bodies Bodies Bodies,” where they were co-stars. Despite previous relationships for both, Chase with actor Charles Melton and Pete with high-profile celebrities, the couple’s affectionate displays indicate a deep connection.

Chase Sui Wonders Career:

Chase Sui Wonders embarked on her acting journey in 2009 with her debut in the short film “A Trivial Exclusion.” Her breakthrough came in 2019 with the movie “Daniel Isn’t Real,” where she portrayed the character Makayla. Her versatile talent is showcased in TV series such as “Out of the Blue,” “Bupkis,” “Wake,” “Generation,” and “On the Rocks.” Chase’s dedication and authenticity in portraying complex characters have garnered attention from both industry professionals and audiences.

Chase Sui Wonders Net Worth:

With an estimated net worth of $2 million, Chase Sui Wonders has achieved financial success at a young age. Her wealth stems from a flourishing acting career, endorsements, and various projects. As she continues to hone her skills, her net worth is poised to grow in the years to come.

Chase Sui Wonders Social Media:

Stay connected with Chase Sui Wonders on Instagram (@chasesuiwonders) and Twitter (@chasesuiwonders) to get a glimpse into her exciting journey.


Explore Chase’s filmography, including “A Trivial Exclusion,” “Daniel Isn’t Real,” “Out of the Blue,” “Bupkis,” “Wake,” “Generation,” and “On the Rocks.”


Q: When did Chase Sui Wonders start her acting career?

A: Chase began her acting career in 2009 with her debut in the short film “A Trivial Exclusion.”

Q: What is Chase Sui Wonders’ educational background?

A: Chase studied film studies and production at Harvard University, inspired by her aunt, fashion designer Anna Sui.

Q: What is Chase Sui Wonders’ net worth?

A: Chase Sui Wonders has an estimated net worth of $2 million, attributed to her successful acting career, endorsements, and various projects.


Chase Sui Wonders’ star is undeniably on the rise, fueled by her talent, dedication, and a touch of glamour from her family ties. As she continues to make waves in the entertainment industry, audiences can expect even more significant strides in her flourishing career.

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