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Cara Gee, the renowned Canadian actress celebrated for her compelling performances in film, television, and on the stage, has captivated audiences with her talent and versatility. Born on July 18, 1983, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Gee’s journey from the theater scene in Toronto to her prominent roles in popular series like “Strange Empire” and “The Expanse” reflects her dedication to the craft of acting.

Cara Gee Early Life & Education

Growing up in Aurora, Ontario, Cara Gee found early support for her passion for acting within her family. Although details about her parents and early childhood are limited, Gee’s dedication to the performing arts became evident as she pursued her education. While specific educational details are not widely known, Gee’s commitment to honing her craft laid the foundation for her successful acting career.

Cara Gee Personal Life

In 2019, Cara Gee married Richard de Klerk in a private ceremony surrounded by loved ones. Their strong bond and mutual support have been constants in both their personal and professional lives. As of 2023, Gee continues to thrive in her marriage while making significant strides in her acting career.

Cara Gee Career Beginnings

Cara Gee’s acting journey commenced in the theater scene in Toronto, Ontario. Notable stage productions, including Margaret Atwood’s “The Penelopiad” and Tomson Highway’s “The Rez Sisters,” showcased her immense talent and versatility. In 2011, her feature film debut in “Empire of Dirt” earned her critical acclaim and a Canadian Screen Award nomination for Best Actress.

Television Breakthrough

Gee’s television career gained momentum with guest roles in series like “King” and “Republic of Doyle.” However, it was her role as Kat Loving in the Western drama series “Strange Empire” in 2014 that marked her breakthrough. Despite the show’s short run, Gee’s portrayal left a lasting impact on audiences.

From 2017 to 2022, she portrayed Camina Drummer in the popular Syfy/Amazon series “The Expanse.” Her depiction of a character grappling with cultural assimilation resonated with viewers and earned critical acclaim, further establishing Gee as a talented actress.

Cara Gee Net Worth

While specific details about Cara Gee’s net worth are not publicly disclosed, estimates suggest it to be around $6 million. This figure reflects her successful career in film and television and underscores her talent and dedication to her craft.

Cara Gee Social Media

Stay connected with Cara Gee on social media:


Cara Gee’s notable filmography includes:

  • “Empire of Dirt”
  • “The Carmilla Movie”
  • “Sundowners”
  • “We Forgot to Break Up”
  • “Trouble in the Garden”
  • “Red Rover”
  • “The Call of the Wild”
  • “Bones of Crows”


Q: When was Cara Gee born?

A: Cara Gee was born on July 18, 1983, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Q: What is Cara Gee’s marital status?

A: As of 2023, Cara Gee is happily married to Richard de Klerk.

Q: What is Cara Gee’s net worth?

A: While specific details are not publicly available, it is estimated that Cara Gee’s net worth is around $6 million.

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