Brilliant Nigerian Lady excels abroad, joins the 1.2% of US citizens with PhD degree

Brilliant Nigerian Lady excels abroad, joins the 1.2% of US citizens with PhD degree

A Brilliant Nigerian Lady, Nzube Egboluche, has achieved her dream of studying in America after she benefitted from the MasterCard Scholarships in 2015.

Nzube bagged her bachelor’s degree from the University of Nigeria Nsukka South-East Nigeria and graduated as the best student in the Department of Soil Science.

Nzube proceeded to apply for admission at the Michigan State University, United States of America (USA) and was granted admission to the University after winning MasterCard Scholarships to fund her 2-year Master’s program in Crop and Soil Sciences.

Narrating her story on Linkedin, Nzube noted she utilized opportunities that came her way to achieve her American dream which included her PhD program. She noted that the scholarship she won was the beginning of many great opportunities she ever wanted in life.

“I started working towards achieving my American dreams which included obtaining a Phd degree the very first day I started classes. I utilized as many opportunities that came my way during my master’s program to prepare myself for the doctoral program,” she wrote on LinkedIn.

She disclosed that she went through some challenges during her course of studies but didn’t give up and kept on pushing until she completed her program.

“During this period, I went through a roller coaster of different kinds of emotions- frustration, anger, stress, and excitement. I almost gave up at some point but the will and drive to complete my program and obtain my PhD degree was greater than the challenges I encountered.” she added

After successfully completing her Master’s Degree at the Michigan State University, Nzube proceeded for her PhD Degree in Bioenvironmental Science at Morgan State University, a historically black university in Maryland, USA.

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Nzube celebrates being among the few PhD holders in the United States of America (USA), noting that she had joined the 1.2% of the entire US population with a PhD degree.

“Today, I joined the 1.2% of the US population with a doctorate,” she said.

She extended her gratitude to her village people who she said came through with their prayers. She also thanked her family and parent for their continuous support and encouragement when the going was tough.

She expressed readiness to give back to the community noting that she is currently utilizing her skills and knowledge in the Maryland Department of Health as a Data Analyst.

Nzube hopes to inspire young graduates to never give up on their dreams. “Never give up on your dreams. Keep pushing through until you get to the finish line. The reward is always fulfilling,” she said.

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