Black student awarded $1.7 million in scholarships and accepted into 49 Colleges

Black student awarded $1.7 million in scholarships and accepted into 49 Colleges

Tytianna Smith, a graduating senior from Lafayette High School in Lafayette, Alabama, has received a total of $1.7 million in scholarships and has been accepted to 49 of the 50 institutions to which she applied.

Despite the fact that she wasn’t accepted to her first choice school, she firmly thinks that God is guiding her to Norfolk University, where she feels she was always meant to be.

Since then, Smith has been making plans for the future. She wrote down her objectives for the previous year, which included “attending a high school that is currently on the falling school list,”

“Wanting to lift the bar” and “wanting to show that just because we attend a failing school we are not failing students.”

Recently, she received the good news — she was accepted into every school she applied to.

However, it was with the exception of one, Stanford University which was her top choice at that time.

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What’s more, she was having a hard time choosing between predominantly white institutions and historically black colleges and universities.

“I wanted both for different reasons but was unsure what was right for me,” she said.

But she decided to believe in the power of faith and her relationship with God. She said, “I follow God & I don’t care what anyone says.”

“I thought he was leading me to Stanford but I’m confident the final destination was Norfolk and Stanford was just a part of the journey,” she added.

Tytianna earned an academic GPA of 4.6 and an ACT score of 29. She assisted the entire band in getting ready for five games without a band coach as the Co-Drum Major this year.

She is also a founding member of “Warriors of Women,” an organization God gave her heart to support women in their fight against society’s unfair standards.

She also won a total of $1.7 million in scholarships from the institutions she applied to as well as various outside grants, on top of getting admitted to 49 schools.

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