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Rebecca Marie Gómez, widely known as Becky G, has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with her talent and resilience. Born on March 2, 1997, in Inglewood, California, she has emerged as a multifaceted artist—singer, rapper, actress, composer, and youth model. Becky G’s journey from a challenging childhood to collaborating with industry giants reflects her determination and passion for her craft.

Early Struggles and Family Background:

Becky G’s parents, Alejandra and Francisco Gómez, faced economic hardships that led the family to relocate to Jalisco, Mexico, living in her grandparents’ garage. Despite the challenges, young Becky G worked in commercials to support her family. Unfortunately, this made her a target for bullying in school, prompting her decision to be homeschooled to escape the torment. She faced adversity, including a traumatic incident of assault by classmates.

Early Ventures in Entertainment:

In 2008, Becky G made her debut in the short film “El Tux” and later portrayed Nina in “La estación de la Calle,” a Discovery Channel production. Joining the groups B.C.G and G.L.A.M., she showcased her early musical talents in the video for the song “JellyBean” at just thirteen years old.

Musical Beginnings and Breakthrough:

Becky G’s musical journey took a significant turn in 2011 when she collaborated with The Jam, covering popular songs on YouTube. The attention garnered from her covers, particularly “Otis,” caught the interest of producer Dr. Luke. This led to her signing with Kemosabe Records, Dr. Luke’s label. Despite initial plans for a mixtape, Becky G’s career trajectory shifted towards mainstream success.

Early Releases and EP:

In 2012, Becky G released versions of popular songs, and in 2013, she dropped her interpretation of Jennifer Lopez’s “Jenny from the Block,” titling it “Becky from the Block.” The same year, she released the EP “Play It Again,” featuring original tracks and a collaboration with Pitbull.

Rising Popularity and Debut Album:

Becky G gained momentum with the release of her 2014 single “Shower,” earning accolades and awards. The following years saw collaborations with artists like J Balvin and Thalía. In 2016, she achieved success with her first Spanish-language single, “Sola.” Her versatility extended to television, with appearances on “Austin & Ally” and “Empire.”

Venturing into Acting and Controversial Role:

In 2017, Becky G entered the world of acting with a role in the film “Power Rangers,” portraying Trini Kwan, the yellow power ranger. Her revelation about her character’s LGBTI identity sparked controversy but showcased her commitment to diversity in entertainment.


Becky G’s journey is a testament to her resilience and talent. From humble beginnings, she has risen to international stardom, leaving an indelible mark on the music and entertainment industry. As she continues to evolve as an artist and advocate, Becky G’s story inspires many aspiring talents worldwide.


Q1: What are some notable awards Becky G has won?

Becky G has received several awards, including the Radio Disney Music Award for the most catchy new song for “Shower” and the Premios Juventud Favorite Hit award. Her contributions to the film “Power Rangers” earned her a Teen Choice Award nomination for Best Actress in Science Fiction.

Q2: How did Becky G’s childhood experiences influence her career?

Becky G’s challenging childhood, marked by economic struggles and bullying, fueled her determination to succeed. Working from a young age to support her family, she developed resilience and a strong work ethic that shaped her journey in the entertainment industry.

Q3: What controversies surrounded Becky G’s role in “Power Rangers”?

Becky G’s portrayal of Trini Kwan in “Power Rangers” generated controversy when she revealed the character’s LGBTI identity before the film’s release. Despite mixed reactions, Becky G stood proud as the first heroine of this nature in the Power Rangers saga.

Q4: How did Becky G transition from YouTube covers to mainstream success?

Becky G’s transition from covering popular songs on YouTube to mainstream success occurred when producer Dr. Luke discovered her talents. Signing with Kemosabe Records opened doors for her, leading to the release of original music and collaborations with industry heavyweights.

Q5: What is Becky G’s impact on diversity in entertainment?

Becky G has been an advocate for diversity in entertainment, particularly with her role in “Power Rangers,” where she portrayed a character with an LGBTI identity. Despite controversy, her openness about the character’s identity contributes to the ongoing conversation about representation in the industry.

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