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Meet Angela Bertuzzi, a Canadian-born educational assistant and the proud mother of Tyler Bertuzzi, a talented professional ice hockey forward currently making waves with the Toronto Maple Leafs in the NHL. Angela’s story extends beyond her role as a supportive hockey mom, delving into her family life, career, and the passion she brings to her work as an educational assistant.

Angela Bertuzzi’s Early Life & Education:

Born and raised in Canada, Angela, of Italian descent, attended a local school where she earned a diploma. While she didn’t pursue higher education, Angela dedicated her time to raising her family. Today, she is an accomplished educational assistant, providing crucial support to students facing various challenges in their learning journeys.

Angela Bertuzzi’s Personal Life:

Angela is happily married to Adrian Gedye, a successful businessman with a construction company. Together, they have three sons: Tyler, Evan, and Matthew. While Tyler has gained fame as a professional hockey player, Angela’s younger sons are also making their mark in the junior hockey scene.

Angela Bertuzzi’s Career:

As an educational assistant, Angela works tirelessly to support students with special needs, including learning disabilities, behavioral issues, and physical challenges. Her passion for seeing her students succeed is evident, and she brings the same dedication to her role as a hockey mom, cheering on Tyler from the stands.

Angela Bertuzzi’s Family Ties:

Angela’s family is deeply rooted in hockey, with her brother-in-law being the former NHL player Todd Bertuzzi. Todd serves as a mentor to Tyler, further strengthening the family’s connection to the world of professional hockey.

Tyler’s Hockey Journey:

Angela has been a witness to Tyler’s remarkable journey from playing in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) to being drafted by the Detroit Red Wings in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft. Subsequent trades took Tyler to the Boston Bruins in 2023 before landing with the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2024.

Angela Bertuzzi’s Net Worth:

While Angela’s net worth is estimated at $100k, her comfortable lifestyle can be attributed to her husband’s successful business and Tyler’s lucrative hockey career.

Angela Bertuzzi FAQ:

  1. What is Angela Bertuzzi’s profession? Angela Bertuzzi is an educational assistant, providing support to students with special needs.
  2. Who is Angela Bertuzzi’s husband? Angela is married to Adrian Gedye, a successful businessman with a construction company.
  3. How many children does Angela Bertuzzi have? Angela and Adrian have three sons: Tyler, Evan, and Matthew.
  4. What is Tyler Bertuzzi’s current team in the NHL? Tyler Bertuzzi plays for the Toronto Maple Leafs in the National Hockey League (NHL).
  5. Who is Angela Bertuzzi’s brother-in-law? Angela’s brother-in-law is Todd Bertuzzi, a former NHL player and mentor to Tyler.


Angela Bertuzzi’s story is one of family, dedication, and pride in her sons’ accomplishments. As a supportive hockey mom and passionate educational assistant, Angela plays crucial roles in both her family and the lives of the students she serves. Her journey is a testament to the power of unwavering support and hard work in the pursuit of success.

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