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In the dynamic realm of gymnastics, one name that resonates globally is Queen Angel Rice. Born on December 4, 1998, in the vibrant city of Atlanta, Angel has not only become a powerhouse in the world of athletics but has also captured the hearts of many as a model and social media personality.

Angel Rice’s Early Life & Education:

Raised by her loving parents, Bennie R. Rice and Tonyona Olriedge, Angel cherished her childhood moments with siblings Jaden Rice and De’kiera Rice. Beyond her achievements in gymnastics, Angel is carving a path in academia, pursuing a career as a clinical psychologist and organizational development professional at the prestigious University of Virginia School of Medicine.

Angel Rice’s  Career Achievements:

Angel Rice’s exceptional skills in power tumbling have earned her global recognition. As a two-time World Cheerleading Champion and a proud member of the USA Gymnastics National Power Tumbling Team, she stands out among her peers. Angel has not only made waves in the sports world but has also garnered attention from mainstream media, including features on the Steve Harvey Show and the Today Show. Even Snoop Dogg couldn’t resist showcasing her talents on his Instagram.

Her prowess extends to the Guinness Book of Records, where she holds the record for the most double twists in one minute, a feat achieved in 2018.

Angel Rice’s  Social Media Presence:

Angel Rice’s influence transcends the gym floor, extending to various social media platforms. You can catch glimpses of her life on Instagram (@qangel_rice), Twitter (Angel Rice), Facebook (Angel Rice), and TikTok (@angel_rice21), where she shares her journey, inspiring thousands of followers.

Privacy Amidst Fame:

While the world admires Angel’s professional accomplishments, she remains guarded about her personal life. At 24, she has chosen to keep the details away from the public eye. Speculations about her relationship with Malik Hobson linger, yet the gymnast extraordinaire maintains a deliberate silence on her current relationship status and any potential children.

Angel Rice’s  Net Worth:

Angel Rice’s success in power tumbling has not only brought her accolades but substantial financial rewards. With an estimated net worth ranging between $1 million and $5 million, her career has opened doors to lucrative opportunities.


Q: Is Angel Rice married?

A: As of now, Angel Rice is not married. Details about her current relationship status remain private.

Q: What is Angel Rice’s educational background?

A: Angel is pursuing a career as a clinical psychologist and organizational development professional at the University of Virginia School of Medicine.

Q: How did Angel Rice gain recognition in the media?

A: Angel’s exceptional skills have led to features on popular shows like the Steve Harvey Show and the Today Show, as well as attention from notable personalities like Snoop Dogg.


Angel Rice’s journey is an inspiring tale of talent, determination, and versatility. From conquering the gymnastics mat to leaving an indelible mark on social media, she continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of sports and beyond.

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