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In the vibrant realm of South African influencers, Andiswa Selepe-Tshabalala, affectionately known as Andiswa Selepe, has carved out a distinctive space for herself. Born on April 11, 2003, in Mpumalanga, South Africa, this 20-year-old Instagram model and content creator have captured the hearts of many through her YouTube channel, “Andiswa BombRsa.”

Andiswa Selepe Early Life & Education:

Growing up in the warm embrace of Mbombela, Mpumalanga, Andiswa emerged from a supportive family background. While her familial details and educational journey remain veiled, her ascent to fame suggests a foundation of love and encouragement.

Andiswa Selepe Personal Life:

Beyond the screens, Andiswa’s romantic chapter unfolded when she said “yes” to DJ Melzi, also known as Tumelo Mphai, on October 18, 2020. Their relationship, often glimpsed on social media, has become a source of admiration, weaving a love story that resonates with fans.

Andiswa Selepe Career Highlights:

Andiswa Selepe’s voyage into stardom commenced with the creation of her YouTube haven, “Andiswa BombRsa.” Here, she shares a tapestry of content, from lifestyle anecdotes to fashion hauls and makeup tutorials. The secret to her success lies in her engaging persona and innate charm, which have magnetized a substantial following, establishing her as a noteworthy influencer in South Africa.

The Enigma of Andiswa’s Persona:

Andiswa is not merely confined to the digital realm; her captivating pictures on social media platforms have further propelled her into the limelight. Admired for her striking looks and well-defined curves, debates around the authenticity of her figure have surfaced. Yet, Andiswa remains silent on speculations regarding surgical procedures, leaving her audience to ponder.

Financial Success:

Beyond fame, Andiswa Selepe has amassed an estimated net worth of $300k. Endorsements, sponsorships, and collaborations have streamed in, a testament to her flourishing career as a model and content creator. Undoubtedly, her online sway has played a pivotal role in her financial triumph.

Connect with Andiswa:

For those eager to dive into Andiswa’s world, her social media handles offer an intimate glimpse:


Andiswa Selepe, with her captivating presence and multifaceted talents, continues to enchant the digital landscape. While her personal life remains shrouded in privacy, her journey from Mpumalanga to the digital stage serves as an inspiration to aspiring content creators. As debates on her figure persist, Andiswa stands as a symbol of resilience, letting her work and success speak volumes.


Q1: When did Andiswa Selepe get engaged?

A1: Andiswa Selepe said “yes” to DJ Melzi, also known as Tumelo Mphai, on October 18, 2020.

Q2: What is Andiswa Selepe’s net worth?

A2: Andiswa Selepe’s net worth is estimated to be around $300k, reflecting her success as a model and content creator.

Q3: Does Andiswa address rumors about surgical procedures?

A3: Andiswa Selepe has neither confirmed nor denied speculations regarding surgical procedures, maintaining a level of mystery about her personal choices.

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