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Belgium’s Amelie Lens stands as a luminary in the world of electronic music, with an illustrious career as a DJ, record producer, and the visionary behind Lenske, her very own record label. Let’s delve into the fascinating journey of this musical maven.

Amelie Lens’s  Early Life & Education:

Born and raised in Vilvoorde, Belgium, on May 31, 1990, Amelie Lens faced early adversity with the loss of her mother at the tender age of five. Raised by her grandmother, she found solace and inspiration in music. Lens’s journey began at art school in Antwerp, where her creative spirit flourished. The spark for electronic music ignited during the 2005 Dour Festival, propelling her into a world of exploration, with influences ranging from Nine Inch Nails to Boys Noize.

Amelie Lens’s  Personal Life:

Amelie Lens shares her life with Sam Deliaert, also known as Farrago, a fellow DJ and producer. Their shared love for music forms the cornerstone of their deep connection. While Lens values her privacy, her relationship with Deliaert has been a wellspring of support and artistic inspiration.

Amelie Lens’s  Career:

Lens initially navigated both modeling and music, gaining recognition as DJ Renée at Belgium’s Labyrinth Club. The turning point came in 2014 when she embraced her real name. Her inaugural track, “Exhale,” released in 2016, marked the beginning of a meteoric rise. Noteworthy releases on labels like Second State and Involve Records paved the way for her record label, Lenske, in 2018.

As the resident DJ at Hasselt’s Labyrinth Club, Lens curated electrifying nights under EXHALE, which gained global acclaim. These events transcended borders, reaching iconic venues like London’s Fabric Club and festivals such as Creamfields, OFFSonar, Dour, and Extrema.

Amelie Lens’s  Net Worth:

Amelie Lens’s talent and global success have translated into a substantial net worth, estimated at $3 million. Her prowess on the stage and numerous international performances contribute to her financial prosperity.

Amelie Lens’s  Social Media:

  • Instagram: @AmelieLens
  • Twitter: [Insert Twitter handle]


  • Let It Go
  • Contradiction
  • Exhale
  • Weight of the Land


Q1: How did Amelie Lens enter the world of electronic music?

Amelie’s journey into electronic music began at the 2005 Dour Festival in Belgium, sparking a curiosity that led her to explore the genre’s rich history.

Q2: What is the significance of EXHALE in Amelie Lens’s career?

EXHALE represents Amelie’s curated nights at Hasselt’s Labyrinth Club, which gained immense popularity and expanded to global venues, becoming a hallmark of her career.

Q3: Can you elaborate on Amelie Lens’s relationship with Sam Deliaert?

Amelie Lens and Sam Deliaert, also known as Farrago, share a committed relationship founded on their mutual love for music, serving as a source of support and inspiration for both artists.

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