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Meet Akinola Akano Segbowe, a multi-talented and exceptionally gifted Nigerian personality born on October 4, 1987, in Badagry, Lagos State. Known by his artistic name Segbowe, this 36-year-old actor, model, scriptwriter, TV host, and songwriter has made significant contributions to various artistic domains, showcasing his prowess and creativity.

Akinola Akano Segbowe’s  Early Life & Education:

Born to Nathaniel O. Akano and Mrs. Nathaniel Akano, Akinola Akano lost his father in 2010. Raised by his dedicated and hardworking mother, he pursued higher education at the Tai Solarin University of Education, where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in English and Literature (education). With his educational background, Akinola has played an active and relevant role in the Nigerian Yoruba Movie industry.

Akinola Akano Segbowe’s  Career:

Akinola Akano Segbowe embarked on his acting journey several years ago and has since achieved remarkable success within the Yoruba film industry. Hailing from the Yoruba community, his innate creativity and exceptional talent enable him to portray various characters in movies, gaining immense recognition and admiration. Not only an actor, but he is also a skilled producer, writer, and creator of successful films like Issues, The Witness, and Omorisa.

Akinola Akano Segbowe’s  Social Media:

For those eager to follow his journey, Akinola Akano is active on social media platforms. You can find him on Instagram (@AkinolaAkano_), Twitter (@GiftedHands5), and Facebook (Akinola Akano).

Akinola Akano Segbowe’s  Personal Life:

Known for his discretion regarding family matters, Akinola Akano Segbowe recently shared heartwarming news on his social media page about tying the knot with his lovely partner. The private actor joyfully announced the news with enchanting photos and videos, receiving warm congratulations from colleagues, actors, actresses, and devoted fans.


Akinola Akano’s notable productions include critically acclaimed films such as Issues, The Witness, and Omorisa. His ability to bring characters to life through brilliant interpretation has established him as a prominent figure in the filmmaking industry. Some of his notable works include Omorisa (part 1 and part 2), Tenitika, Awon Aladun De, If, and Awon Aladun Re.

Akinola Akano Segbowe’s  Net Worth:

Akinola Akano Segbowe’s financial success speaks to his influential status and dedication to his work. With an estimated net worth of $500,000, this well-known figure in the Yoruba film industry continues to shine as an outstanding talent.


Q: When and where was Akinola Akano Segbowe born?

A: Akinola Akano Segbowe was born on October 4, 1987, in Badagry, Lagos, Nigeria.

Q: What is Akinola Akano’s educational background?

A: He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in English and Literature (education) from Tai Solarin University of Education.

Q: What are some of Akinola Akano’s notable film productions?

A: Some of his notable productions include Issues, The Witness, and Omorisa (part 1 and part 2).

Q: Is Akinola Akano Segbowe active on social media?

A: Yes, he is active on Instagram (@AkinolaAkano_), Twitter (@GiftedHands5), and Facebook (Akinola Akano).

Q: What is Akinola Akano’s estimated net worth?

A: His estimated net worth is $500,000, reflecting his influential status in the Yoruba film industry.

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