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In the dynamic world of gaming and entertainment, certain personalities rise above the rest, captivating audiences with their skills, charisma, and unique content. One such luminary is Din Muktar, better known as Agent 00, a Canadian YouTuber, social media maven, and gaming virtuoso. Join us as we delve into the intriguing life and career of this enigmatic figure, exploring his origins, gaming prowess, and the mystery shrouding his personal life.

Agent 00 Early Life & Education:

Din Muktar entered the world on April 23, 1996, in Canada, under the loving care of Mr. and Mrs. Muktar. Raised in a family that practices Islam and hailing from Ethiopian ethnicity, Agent 00’s early years remain veiled in mystery. The media has yet to unveil details about his upbringing and educational background, leaving fans curious about the formative years of this gaming sensation.

Agent 00 Career Beginnings:

In January 2013, the gaming universe witnessed the birth of CallMeAgent00, Agent 00’s YouTube channel. However, it wasn’t until three months later that he unveiled his inaugural video, showcasing gameplay from the iconic Grand Theft Auto. Despite the delayed start, Agent 00 swiftly garnered a substantial following, amassing an impressive 1.67 million subscribers.

His journey to stardom unfolded with a unique blend of talent and dedication, especially in the NBA 2K20 realm. Recognized as one of the community’s finest players, Agent 00 initially flexed his editing skills by creating montages for friends and professional gamers. Encouraged by positive feedback and the joy his content brought, he transitioned to crafting his movies and highlight reels, solidifying his place in the gaming world.

Dedication to the Craft:

Agent 00 is more than a content creator; he’s a dedicated full-time gamer. Committing himself to the gaming community, he consistently produces two weekly videos for his vast subscriber base, often surpassing this frequency. Beyond entertaining his audience with gaming skills, his commentary and meme reviews tailored for 2K enthusiasts add a delightful comedic touch to his content.

His commitment extends beyond the screen; when NBA 2K20 encountered notable issues, Agent 00 spearheaded a campaign advocating for fixes and improvements. This showcased his unwavering dedication to ensuring an enjoyable gaming experience for his fellow fans.

Agent 00 Social Media Presence:

Agent 00’s influence extends beyond YouTube, permeating various social media platforms. You can catch him on Twitter (@CallMeAgent00), Facebook (Agent 00), Instagram (@callmeagentzero), and TikTok (@callmeagentzero). His content isn’t confined to gaming; it’s a multimedia experience that connects with fans across diverse platforms.

Agent 00 Personal Life & Mystery:

While Agent 00 opens the door to his gaming world, he remains an enigma in his personal life. At 27 years old, he navigates the realm of romantic relationships with discretion, revealing little about his past experiences with love or his current relationship status. Although he parted ways with his girlfriend some years back, the details remain cloaked in mystery.

Agent 00 Net Worth:

As of now, Agent 00’s financial standing ranges between $1 million and $2 million, a testament to the growth he has experienced over time. His journey from a budding YouTuber to a prominent figure in the gaming community reflects not just his gaming prowess but also his strategic approach to content creation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1: When did Agent 00 launch his YouTube channel?

A1: Agent 00, also known as Din Muktar, launched his YouTube channel, CallMeAgent00, in January 2013.

Q2: What inspired Agent 00 to start creating gaming content?

A2: Agent 00 initially began by editing montages for friends and professional gamers. Positive feedback and enjoyment from viewers inspired him to create his own movies and highlight reels.

Q3: How often does Agent 00 produce content for his YouTube channel?

A3: Agent 00 consistently produces two weekly videos for his subscribers, occasionally exceeding this frequency.

Q4: What is Agent 00’s net worth?

A4: As of now, Agent 00’s net worth ranges between $1 million and $2 million, reflecting significant growth over time.


Agent 00’s journey from a Canadian gamer to a YouTube sensation is a captivating narrative of talent, dedication, and a touch of mystery. As he continues to shape the gaming landscape, fans eagerly await the next chapter in the life of this enigmatic personality.

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