Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, ATBU Campuses, Hostels and Accommodation

If you’re set to embark on your academic journey at Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University (ATBU) in Bauchi, Nigeria, understanding the campuses, hostels, and accommodation options is crucial. In this article, we’ll delve into the two main campuses, on-campus hostels, off-campus accommodation, and provide essential information for your ATBU experience.

ATBU Campuses:

  1. Yelwa Campus:
    • Main campus housing administrative offices and faculties like Engineering, Environmental Technology, and Management Technology.
    • Boasts beautiful architecture, well-equipped laboratories, and modern facilities.
    • Home to a vibrant student community with over 20,000 students.
  2. Gubi Campus:
    • Located 10km from Yelwa campus, housing faculties like Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine, Technology Education, and Sciences.
    • Known for a serene environment, picturesque scenery, and state-of-the-art facilities.
    • Welcoming a student population of over 10,000 students.

Hostels and Accommodation:

  1. On-campus Hostels:
    • ATBU offers on-campus hostels on both Yelwa and Gubi campuses.
    • Well-equipped with modern facilities, including furnished rooms with beds, study desks, chairs, and wardrobes.
    • Affordable options with choices such as single rooms, double rooms, or shared rooms.
  2. Off-campus Accommodation:
    • Various off-campus options, including apartments, flats, and houses.
    • Conveniently located close to the university, ensuring easy access to campus facilities.
    • Costs vary, offering flexibility to suit different student budgets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1: How can I apply for on-campus accommodation at ATBU?

  • A1: The university usually provides information on accommodation application processes. Check the official website or contact the university housing office for details.

Q2: What is the cost of on-campus accommodation at ATBU?

  • A2: On-campus accommodation costs vary based on room types (single, double, or shared). Visit the official university website or inquire at the housing office for specific pricing.

Q3: Are there transportation services between the campuses?

  • A3: While ATBU campuses are relatively close, inquire about available transportation services or explore public transportation options for commuting.

Q4: Can international students apply for on-campus accommodation?

  • A4: Yes, international students are typically eligible to apply for on-campus accommodation. Follow the university’s guidelines for international student housing.


ATBU offers a diverse range of campuses and accommodation options, ensuring a fulfilling and comfortable student experience. For more details, refer to the official ATBU website or contact the relevant university offices.

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