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In the dynamic landscape of Ghanaian media, one name stands out boldly—Abena Korkor, a prominent television personality and socialite born on January 30, 1990. From her co-hosting days on TV3 Ghana’s renowned program Ladies Circle to the controversies that followed her at the University of Cape Coast (UCC), Abena Korkor’s life has been a rollercoaster of headlines and public scrutiny.

Abena Korkor’s Early Years and Education:

Abena Korkor, born Nana Abena Korkor Addo, hails from Ghana, with a birthdate of January 30, 1990. While her parents’ identities remain undisclosed, they are affectionately addressed as Mr. and Mrs. Korkor. Growing up, Abena Korkor shared her childhood with a younger brother, yet to be introduced to the public. She attended St. Paul Methodist Preparatory School for primary education and Aburi Girls Senior High School for her secondary education. Her academic journey led her to the University of Cape Coast, where she pursued studies in biomedical and forensic science.

Abena Korkor’s Career:

Abena Korkor is renowned for her bold approach to staying in the public eye, often sharing encounters with high-profile figures and delving into controversial topics surrounding sexuality. While she previously co-hosted TV3 Ghana’s Ladies’ Circle, her tenure was cut short due to the posting of explicit content on her Instagram account. Undeterred, Abena Korkor turned a negative experience into something positive by establishing Psycho-Social Africa, an organization dedicated to promoting awareness about mental health.

Challenges and Transformation:

Her bipolar background and constant pursuit of attention have presented challenges in securing traditional media employment. In response, Abena Korkor found an alternative income source, selling sex toys on Instagram. She openly acknowledges engaging in relationships with wealthy individuals for financial gain and selling explicit photos to interested parties.

Abena Korkor’s Social Media Presence:

Abena Korkor maintains an active presence on Instagram under the handle @fashionbyabk, although her original account was deleted following the emergence of explicit content.

Abena Korkor’s Personal Life:

At 33, Abena Korkor has openly shared details of numerous sexual encounters but has not disclosed a committed partner. There is no indication of children in her life. Past rumors linked her to individuals like Talaat Yarky and Evans Ago Tetteh. She also accused an unnamed ex-boyfriend of infidelity with journalist Bridget Otoo.


Abena Korkor’s controversial actions have fueled negative media coverage. Notably, she publicly revealed the names of influential individuals with whom she claimed intimacy. Other incidents include a heated argument with political activist Kwame A Plus and a bold, nearly nude dance during her SRC campaign at the University of Cape Coast.

Financial Status:

Abena Korkor’s net worth is estimated between $50,000 to $100,000. Beyond finances, she owns two saloon cars and a luxurious 4-bedroom house in East Legon, showcasing her significant wealth and comfortable lifestyle.


Abena Korkor’s journey from television co-host to a controversial figure with a thriving entrepreneurial spirit is undoubtedly captivating. Her resilience and ability to transform challenges into opportunities underscore her multifaceted personality. In a media landscape marked by twists and turns, Abena Korkor continues to command attention and redefine her narrative.


  1. Why was Abena Korkor dismissed from Ladies’ Circle on TV3 Ghana?

    • Abena Korkor was dismissed due to posting explicit content on her Instagram account.
  2. What is Psycho-Social Africa, and why did Abena Korkor establish it?

    • Psycho-Social Africa is an organization founded by Abena Korkor to promote awareness about mental health, stemming from her own experiences and challenges.
  3. How does Abena Korkor generate income now?

    • Abena Korkor sells sex toys on Instagram and has openly admitted to engaging in relationships for financial gain.
  4. What controversies has Abena Korkor been involved in?

    • Abena Korkor has been involved in controversies such as publicly revealing the names of influential individuals she claimed intimacy with and engaging in heated arguments with notable figures.
  5. What is Abena Korkor’s current net worth?

    • Abena Korkor’s net worth is estimated to be between $50,000 to $100,000.

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