2024/2025 JAMB Principles of Accounts Syllabus & Recommended Textbooks

Are you gearing up for the 2024/2025 JAMB Principles of Accounts Examination? Look no further! This comprehensive guide covers the essential topics from the JAMB Principles of Accounts Syllabus and recommends top-notch textbooks to help you ace the exam. Let’s dive into the details.

2024/2025 JAMB Principles of Accounts Syllabus:

  1. Nature and Significance of Accounting: Understand the basics and importance of accounting.
  2. Public Sector Accounting: Delve into the accounting principles specific to the public sector.
  3. Manufacturing Accounts: Explore the intricacies of accounting in the manufacturing industry.
  4. Introduction to Company Accounts: Gain insights into the fundamentals of company accounts.
  5. Partnership Accounts: Grasp the accounting principles related to partnerships.
  6. Branch Accounts: Learn about accounting for branch operations.
  7. Departmental Accounts: Understand accounting in the context of different business departments.
  8. Cash Book: Master the principles of recording cash transactions.
  9. Principles of Double Entry: Comprehend the foundational concept of double-entry bookkeeping.
  10. Incomplete Records and Single Entry: Explore accounting scenarios involving incomplete records.
  11. Control Accounts and Self-balancing Ledgers: Understand the management of control accounts and self-balancing ledgers.
  12. Accounts of Not For Profit Making Organizations: Learn accounting principles applicable to non-profit organizations.
  13. Bank Transactions and Reconciliation Statements: Familiarize yourself with bank transactions and reconciliation procedures.
  14. The Final Accounts of a Sole Trader: Dive into the details of preparing final accounts for sole traders.
  15. Stock Valuation: Gain insights into the valuation of stocks.
  1. Adekunle, K.O. (2014). Bounty Financial Accounting for Schools and College: A comprehensive guide from Bounty Press Ltd, Ibadan.
  2. Agbasiere, E.A., Ufot C.I, and Olugbenga T.E. (2015). New age Financial Accounting SSS Text Books: Anambra-based New Age Press Ltd provides extensive coverage.
  3. Ayodele A. (2015). Financial Accounting for Schools and Colleges: Spectrum Books Ltd in Ibadan offers a thorough resource.
  4. Ekwue K. C. (2010). Principles of Accounts, Book 1 & 2: Adson Publishing Company in Onitsha provides an in-depth exploration.
  5. Femi L. (2013). Simplified and Amplified Financial Accounting: A straightforward approach to financial accounting.
  6. Frankwood and Alan S. (2002). Frankwood’s Business Accounting: Prentice Hall International Edition – a global perspective.
  7. Hassan M. M. (2001). Government Accounting: Lagos-based Malthouse Press Limited delivers insights into government accounting.
  8. Ibrahim, R.A and Kazeem R. A (2018). Essential Financial Accounting for Senior Secondary Schools (sixth edition): Tonad Publishers Limited in Ogun State offers essential knowledge.
  9. Igben, R. O. (2004). Financial Accounting Made Simple (Vol. I): Roi Publishers in Lagos simplifies financial accounting concepts.
  10. ICAN (2021). Foundation Level Financial Accounting Study Text: Lagos-based Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria provides an industry-focused perspective.
  11. Ono, D.I., Oshunnira, M. and Ozurigbo, P.M. (2015). Financial Accounting for Senior Secondary Schools: Hebn Publishers Plc in Ibadan delivers comprehensive content.


Equip yourself with these recommended textbooks and delve into the JAMB Principles of Accounts Syllabus to ensure you’re well-prepared for success. Happy studying!


Q: Where can I download the JAMB 2024 Principles of Accounts Syllabus in PDF? A: You can download the JAMB 2024 Principles of Accounts Syllabus PDF from the official JAMB website.

Q: Are there any additional resources for JAMB preparation? A: Yes, you can find JAMB syllabuses for all subjects, including Commerce and History, on our blog. Check them out for a comprehensive study plan.

Q: How can I register for the 2024/2025 JAMB exam? A: Information on registration dates and procedures can be found on the official JAMB website. Be sure to check the latest updates to stay informed.

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