2024/2025 JAMB Biology Syllabus & Recommended Textbooks

Preparing for the 2024/2025 JAMB CBT Examination in Biology? Look no further! We’ve got the complete scoop on the Biology syllabus, recommended textbooks, and some helpful tips for success. Read on to ensure you’re well-equipped for the exam.

2024/2025 JAMB Biology Syllabus:

The JAMB Biology exam aims to assess your understanding of various aspects of Biology, from simple basics to more complex topics. Here’s a breakdown of the 2024/2025 JAMB Biology Syllabus:

  1. Living Organisms:
    • Evolution
    • Structural/Functional and Behavioral Adaptations of Organisms
  2. Form and Functions:
    • Internal Structure of a Flowering Plant
    • Nutrition
    • Transport
    • Respiration
    • Excretion
    • Support and Movement
    • Reproduction
    • Growth
    • Coordination and Control
  3. Ecology:
    • Factors Affecting the Distribution of Organisms
    • Symbiotic Interactions of Plants and Animals
    • Natural Habitats
    • Local (Nigerian Biomes)
    • The Ecology of Populations
    • Soil
    • Humans and Environment
  4. Heredity and Variations:
    • Variation in Population
    • Heredity
    • Evolution
    • Theories of Evolution
    • Evidence of Evolution

For a detailed PDF version of the JAMB 2024 Biology Syllabus, [download here](insert link).

To ace the exam, it’s essential to have the right resources. Here are the recommended textbooks covering the topics extensively:

  1. Ndu, F.O. C. Ndu, Abun A. and Aina J.O. (2001) Senior Secondary School Biology: Books 1 -3, Lagos: Longman
  2. Odunfa, S.A. (2001) Essentials of Biology, Ibadan: Heinemann
  3. Ogunniyi M.B. Adebisi A.A. and Okojie J.A. (2000) Biology for Senior Secondary Schools: Books 1 – 3, Macmillan
  4. Ramalingam, S.T. (2005) Modern Biology, SS Science Series. New Edition, AFP
  5. Stan. (2004) Biology for Senior Secondary Schools. Revised Edition, Ibadan: Heinemann
  6. Stone R.H. and Cozens, A.B.C. (1982) Biology for West African Schools. Longman
  7. Usua, E.J. (1997) Handbook of Practical Biology 2nd Edition, University Press, Limited


We wish you the best of luck in your JAMB Biology exam! For additional support, explore JAMB past questions and answers, and stay tuned for the latest school news, examination past questions, and scholarship opportunities right here on our blog.

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