Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Lady Shocked As Her Date Brings Out Calculator And Pen To Calculate His Own Bill In UK

A Ghanaian lady has shared her unbelievable experience on a first date with a man in the United Kingdom.

After their meals, he decided to pay for his own while making her pay for hers, according to the young woman.

She was surprised when the bill arrived and her date brought out a pen as well as a calculator to calculate his own part of the bill.

He also helped to calculate the amount she would pay for what she ordered. But she found it amusing because the bill was not more than 60 Pounds.


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The lady shared a video that showed him doing the math both on paper and with his calculator.

When the man was done, he went through the figures with the waiter to make sure everything is balanced.

The lady, however, said that she paid for her own food and left but she did not block him yet.

Watch the video below:



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