Friday, September 30, 2022

“Sapa Don Hold Senior Man”: Fans Laugh Bobrisky Asks for Birthday Gift Online, Plans to Post Account Number

Popular Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky, has once again got fans talking after he asked for birthday gifts on social media The controversial socialite addressed his message to fans who claimed to love him and asked if he should post his account number Bob’s post however drew a series of funny reactions from netizens who accused him of stylishly begging.

Controversial Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky, recently netizens something to talk about after he asked for birthday gifts on social media. Taking to his Snapchat profile, the socialite asked his fans who always claimed to love him for his gift. Bobrisky clocked a new age on August 31, 2022, and he threw a party on the beach to celebrate it. Bobrisky begs for birthday gifts on social media.

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The crossdresser however seemed to be in need of gifts from his fans seeing as he asked the people who always claimed to love him for his gift.

Not stopping there, Bob asked them if he should post his account number.

In his words:

“Those of you shouting you love me, where is my birthday gift? Should I paste account details?”.

See the post below:

 Fans laugh as Bobrisky asks for birthday gifts on social media Not long after the crossdresser asked for presents, the post made the rounds online and raised funny comments from Nigerians.

Some people claimed the socialite is now broke.

Read some reactions below:

loveyakpoku: “This is so sad..he’s becoming irrelevant…he would have concentrated on a clothing line.”

vicozoh: “Sapa don hold senior man.” dorcas_the_greatest: “Shim birthday this year no choke”

eduhandsome: “lol . Sapa in a September .”

adeyroyale: “I hope he is not owing vendors o begging with style.”

deederm_essentials: “Who has sapa not affected this year ? Please leave mummy of Lagos alone make she do her business ”

_gwen24: “asing ehhh uncle bob’s birthday quiet Wetin happen ni ”
rejae_effa: “Corporate beggars. Majority of una faves, that’s their MO ”

shez_nancee: “E spend to show himself this year but nobody gree come sef to show am love ” Hmm.



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