Sunday, December 4, 2022

Reactions As Mum Struggles To Homeschool Her Kids

A Nigerian mom was seen trying to teach her two sons how to identify colours using objects she could find around her.

In the video, she held up a yellow pencil and repeatedly told her children “this is colour yellow.”

She made the children repeat after her. They repeated after her so many times and she decided to test them to see if they could identify the colour on the pencil.

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She asked one of her sons, chigozirim, “this is color what?” And the response she got shocked her.

He rambled between saying “this is colour black” and “this is colour blue” before he made the funniest statement.

He said “this is color pizza” and netizens found this so funny. They suggested other teaching methods and also asked her to be patient with her son until he will gets it right.

See video here:



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