Sunday, December 4, 2022

“No Be Pampers I Dey Do Work To Buy O” – Man Complains Over Spending Much Money On Pampers For Baby (Video)

A lady identified as @just.ceeci on TikTok has shared a video of her husband complaining bitterly to her about their baby.

Her husband was heard lamenting that the amount of pampers he has to buy every month is too much and if care is not taken, he might go bankrupt.

He insisted that the baby should be reduced to using only one piece of Pampers everyday for 68days as a pack contains 68 pieces.


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His wife reminded him that the baby has to use 3 pampers every day because he gets to soil the pampers three times in a day.

His wife added that the baby eats three times a day and the husband responded that the baby should not eat that much so that he will not be using so much pampers.

See video here:

@only_rebeka Pls o,is it possible for a baby to use one pampers in a day? Abi which kind husband be @_nomistake guys follow my baby o @olanrewaju_82 #justceeci #nomistake #trending #viral #vibe #link ♬ original sound – Just.ceeci



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