Thursday, September 29, 2022

Man Caught Wife Red Handed On The Bed With a Neighbor Who is a Family Friend

Nigerian man has reportedly gotten into physical fight with neighbor who happens to be a family friend as he caught his wife red-handed with him on bed.

Man Caught Wife Red Handed On The Bed With a Neighbor Who is a Family Friend

Man Caught Wife Red Handed On The Bed With a Neighbor Who is a Family Friend

A resident identified as @Inzaghi1 who shared on microblogging platform revealed that there was a commotion in the estate as many residents were out to separate fight between the two men.

Apparently, the man used to travel a lot and decided to surprise his wife this Monday morning, May 16, 2022. To his own surprise, he found his wife on the bed with their neighbor.

Many residents came outside after hearing someone shouts “The entire estate down” and met the husband who had already gone physical with his neighbor friend.

The residents pacified him but he sent his wife packing while the neighbor’s wife left the house, claimed that she had been suspecting them for a while.

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@Inzaghi said, “On a Monday morning as we prepare to go to work, someone is shouting the entire estate down!!! Apparently Oga travels a lot, he came home to surprise his family but met his neighbor in his bed.. The neighbor is a married man and the drama is just about to begin..”

She furthered, “Apparently both families are “family friends” Oga got physical with neighbor, residents are judging the matter and begging the man. Neighbor’s wife has told him to forget her & the kids because she’s been telling him she suspects his moves with the woman but he called her crazy”.

“Madam has moved out of the home, according to my source Oga threw her things out this morning….

God will help them resolve it”.

Her post below;

Man Caught Wife Red Handed On The Bed With a Neighbor Who is a Family Friend

Reacting to the post, many netizens shared their opinions as they took to comment section.

Some reactions are shown below:

@0Stephen_uzoma said, “I don’t think I will have the energy to fight a man for sleeping with my wife. I will reserve the energy in dissolving the marriage.  this process of dissolving the marriage won’t last up to 24hrs. I will use the remaining energy to mourn the failed marriage and put myself 2geda”.

@TokyosBite said, “Omo, how did we get here???  I thought marriage was supposed to be sweet and sacred and only your partner enjoys you for the rest of their lives”.

@Hafsat30 said, “Stop going to people houses without informing them first even if it is your house, tell the people at home that I am coming back o to avoid all these kind of things. Damn!”

@Chukspete said, “Rule no.1 you are not kwaku the traveller, please it’s not okay to always be out there and come in once in a while… who are you making all that money for? Rule no.2 a man who travels all the time has a woman out of town”.

@OmolarahBamdell said, “I swear…some men are just shameless!! They don’t even care if their friend’s marriage ruin or not.. they just want to achieve their own crazy dream,… married men should take note of this o…”



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