Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Lady Shows Off Transformation After Breakup Following Claims Of Being Too Religious (Video)

A young woman displays the changes she made to her lifestyle after her lover dumped her on the grounds that she was too religious.

Hassanat Abbass Abiodun, a Tiktok user, used the video-streaming app to showcase her lifestyle before and after alleged break up.

Hassanat claims that her ex-boyfriend deserted her because she was attached to her religion and anti-social.

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After experiencing heartbreak, Hassanat flaunted and exposed more flesh in recent photographs that she collaged into a film.

A video she shared on her social media page showed various throwbacks of her before she began wearing revealing clothes.

She stated, “He left me because I was too religious, he wasn’t patient enough,” in a post about her experience.

Watch the video below:




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