Sunday, December 4, 2022

Lady Cries Out Over Her Father’s Worrisome Concern About Her Virginity

A 21-year-old girl has sought advice from netizens over her father’s concern about her virginity despite being an adult.

She said her father feels so proud thinking she has never slept with any man, not knowing she has already been defiled by a boy at the beach.

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Sharing her story to blogger, Joro Olomofin, she said:

“Hi Joro. Good morning. More shoes, anonymous please. My father keeps using me to boast that am vi*gin and not honestly. I lost my vi*ginity last year at a beach party to some id*ot like that I regret it much. Am 21 year old now. And I know he will be disappointed in me. But he tells everyone, if anybody ask him, he will bring it up and say my daughters flower is intact. Now one of his friends said his son will marry me that v*rgin is scarce and decent girls outside these days. It’s just somehow. My father is not so strict like that but he can cry if he finds out am not. My sister said I should I keep quiet he will continue to believe it.”



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