Sunday, November 27, 2022

“I Saw You Die In Accident” – Little Girl Stops Mother From Driving Car (Video)

A woman with the TikTok handle @aaria_kara has posted a terrifying video of her daughter warning her not to drive because she saw her in an accident.

The little girl looked so terrified like she had seen a vision and her mother kept asking her what really happened.

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Netizens sensed that the little child could have had a premonition and so they told her to listen to her daughter.
They said:

@Codaraine: “Listen to her my baby said someone in my family was gonna die and the next hour my uncle passed away 🥺.”

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@🤍ᯈ ꓤöẋzaɴɴε ᯈ🤍: “Just listen to her she’s scared stop asking why. Chill and pray with her and calm her down asking why isn’t helping.”

@Trine Ragnhild Vuolab: “I think I wouldn’t drive, I would be so scared… did she has a dream like this… or can be past life memories? the poor baby is really scared”

See video here:



She said I died in a car crash, I shouldn’t be driving 😳😳😳😳 , I got so scared . #trending #fyp #viral

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