Saturday, November 26, 2022

Husband Is Just Finding Out After 10 Years That His Wife Has Never Seen Her Period

A Nigerian Twitter user, Oluwafunmilayo has questioned fellow users, asking them why they withhold important personal information from their spouses.

She narrated the story of a lady who didn’t tell her husband that she couldn’t menstruate hence their childlessness.

She regarded this as unfair, especially as it relates to procreation. Netizens agreed with her and said that the act was wicked and uncalled for.

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They suggested that fertility tests be included in the list of tests required to be run before marriage to avoid scams like these.

Oluwafunmilayo’s tweet read:

“I don’t know why you will get married without telling your husband you haven’t been menstruating. Ten years into marriage he’s just finding out and that’s why you guys haven’t had kids. It’s really unfair to withhold such information.”

See tweet below:



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