Saturday, November 26, 2022

Cubana Chief Priest Reacts To Death Of Davido’s Son, Ifeanyi

Nigerian socialite and barman, Cubana chief priest, has joined numerous Nigerians to express pain over Ifeanyi Adeleke’s death.

In a post in his insta story, he expressed his understanding of the fact that God gives and God takes.

He also explained the meaning of “Ifeanyi” and said that there is nothing bigger than God and that God will definitely fix all those affected by this huge loss.

In his post, he wrote:

“Chukwu Wetere. Chukwu Ewerele. Odi Chukwu Mma. Odikwa Anyi Mma

Ifeanyi Chukwu Ifeanyi chineke Onweghi Ihe Na Anyi Chukwu Na Ezia Na Ezia!!!

Ifeanyi Chukwu means

There is nothing bigger than God to do. God will surely fix us. God is our only back up in this world of so much pain.”



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