Sunday, September 25, 2022

Adopted Boy Breaks Down In Tears As He Gets His First Ever Birthday Cake From New Parents (Video)

It was a very emotional moment for Abraham as he had his birthday celebrated for the first time by his adoptive parents.

He was clearly very joyful and overwhelmed as he cried so much; he even forgot to make a wish before blowing out the candles on his cake.

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There were so many heartfelt comments. Some of which read:

“This made me extremely sad. Just made me realize all the things I take for granted. I’m glad I seen this. Definitely gonna try and be more grateful for everything in my life. Happy birthday, little buddy. Hope you enjoyed your birthday cake “

“My heart is touched and I started crying . This is beautiful”

“This is so beautiful,Made me cry.

Happy Birthday sweet Boy,I think your wish has already come true”

See video below;




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