Sunday, December 4, 2022

21 Year Old Lady With 5 Cars, 4 Businesses And House Shows Off Her Wealth (Video)

A 21-year-old Jamaican lady has taken to social media to show off her wealth to netizens.

She claimed that people don’t know that young ladies like her with real assets exist in Jamaica.

Her caption read:

“The young ladies like myself who they don’t know exist in Jamaica that own real life assets, not everyone is a dolly.”

She went ahead to add

“21 years old own 5 cars, own 1 house, own 4 businesses”.

Reacting to the video,

@Pkmi Visuals said: “You are blessed dear. But stop putting your wealth on the internet. Keep it secret my dear. Too much evil eye on social media. Stay blessed.”

@judithholly19: “don’t know you but I pray God continue to bless u abundantly and your business continue to be successful.”

@rebel: “God bless you baby girl more blessings abundantly.”

See video here:


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