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20-Year-Old Nigerian Boy Cries out On How His Wife Has Been Treating Him 3 Months after Getting Married to a Girl

A 20-year-old Nigerian boy who recently got married to a young girl has hinted at calling it quits on his marriage According to the young husband, this is due to the fact that his wife has refused to have sexual intercourse with him.

The young lad lamented that she keeps coming up with excuses each time he makes an attempt and sought advice from netizens on the way out.

Three months after tying the knot with a girl he claims is aged 17, a young husband has taken to social media to express his dissatisfaction over how the marriage is going.

The 20-year-old in a TikTok video lamented that they have not had sexual intercourse since becoming a couple.

He lamented that his wife is uncooperative in bed matters.

He said that she keeps coming up with excuses each time he makes advances at her in that regard.

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The lad who is an only son admitted his inability to cheat due to his love for her and urged netizens for advice on what to do.

This is 3 months after I got married to this 17-year-old girl.

“I married early at 20 because I am the only son of my family.

“Ever since I got married to her she keep denying me from performing my manly duties.

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“And I can’t cheat on her because I love her so much.

“Every time I try she keep giving me one excuse or the other.

“Pls what can I do guys because I’m about to give up,” his video caption read in part.

The young man confirmed that he is indeed married to a 17-year-old and wasn’t chasing clout with his video.

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He said he hails from Ahaizu Mbaise in Imo state, same as his wife, but resides in Owerri.

On what has changed since he made his complaints online, his teenage wife has begun giving him attention.

In his words:

“So ever since I made the complaint I have been receiving comments of people telling me never to give up or quit my marriage. People were telling me if I truly love her I should fix things together with her,.

“Some people were saying she has a spiritual husband. I was confused I don’t know what to do anymore.

But ever since my wife saw the post I made, she has started giving me attention unlike before.

We haven’t had s*ex yet but probably soon, at least she’s improving.”

See his post and Social media reactions below; I need your advice guys I feel like giving up 💔 #apitoluxury #couples #tiktokcouples #zyxcba #viral #fyp ♬ original sound – jennifereliogutv

Jah Williams said: “Well dam*n personally I wouldn’t wait that long y’all have to say when you want to do it even if it’s 2 years from now at least you would know that’s why”.

gloriaamyloveolis said: ”Sit her down for a heart to heart talk,she must be scared of something. And dont forget to be kind and mindful of your words to her.”

user6221505956379 said: “Hope you know how to pet a girl because am also that type of girl that if you don’t pet me first i no dey give.”

user7825425506803 said: “Don’t give up despite everything. “Call upon God he will give you an answer.”

NC Designs said: “You have to take her to church for prayers, she has a spiritual husband but it’s not her fault please try your best..”

user7624750907982 said: ”Something is wrong somewhere, so seat her down with the spirit of love to hear from her. “Gudluck.”



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